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Bronaar is an agri-business in the Koue Bokkeveld region of South Africa’s Western Cape. We have a favourable climate for advancing our agricultural operations and we know this area intimately, having a long heritage of farming in this region.

Bronaar, founded as a sustainable independent organisation in 1965 by Hauptfleisch van der Merwe, originated from the well-known farm Boplaas, which belongs to the Van der Merwe family since 1743. The Van der Merwes have lived in the Koue Bokkeveld for over two centuries and the current shareholders are the 9th generation to be stewards of this fertile land.

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Bronaar has established itself as a major player in the delivery of produce to nearly every corner of the world. We are committed, dependable suppliers, growing strategically according to global requirements and customer preferences – we are your constant source of superior fresh produce.

“We’re in it for the long run and we’re committed to building long-term relationships with our customers – keeping them happy is a job well done for us.”

Creating ongoing value for our customers and stakeholders through accountable and innovation-driven farming strategies, we prioritise outstanding service, quality produce and ethical trading standards, endeavouring to always be an industry leader regarding people development and product excellence.

“Our focus is on the fair production and exportation of quality fresh fruit and vegetables.”

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April 12


Bronaar changes its Logo. The new fresh logo puts the emphasis on the name Bronaar as the new marketing brand. It’s unique and still retains the Van der Merwe Family legacy.

April 12


Another dry winter with only 370mm rainfall, No potatoes are planted.

Bronaar received BRC accreditation for the Witlof facility.

10 of Bronaar’s children receives Western Province team in Karate and took part in the National Championship that took place in Ceres. All of them received very good achievements.

Bronaar closes a deal with IW vd Merwe from Welbedag neighboring farm to rent 30 ha land for the next 5 years.

Jurine Joseph won the jnr. manager category in the annual Prestige Farmworker competition in the Witzenberg Valley. Jacobe Pretorius won the technical operator category at the same event.

April 11


Good winter rains and exceptional snowfalls during 2018 winter helps to retain enough water for the 2019 season.

Bronaar manages the neighboring farm Welbedag in partnership with IW vd Merwe.

April 12


Jurine Joseph won first place at the Prestige Farm worker annual competition in the category – most potential for the Witzenberg region.

Bamco Group founded a new company – Bamco Packing and builds a state of the art apple pack house with pre-sorting at PA Hamlet.

The worst drought in 100 years is experienced in 2017. Bronaar receives 275 mm of rainfall in comparison to an average of 648 mm annually.

April 12


Barend Joseph won first place at the Prestige Farm worker annual competition as best tractor driver and Sarah Louw won first place in the social development category for the Witzenberg region. Maguga Soltisway won first place in die Hortgro farmworker competition as general worker for the Western Cape region.

April 12


A new after school facility was built with money received from the government for the youth subsidy.

On 20 November 2015 Bronaar celebrated its 50th birthday with a special function which was attended by all stakeholders.

April 12

2013 – 2014

Bronaar employees won three of the 10 categories at the Western Cape Farm Worker Competition. Eddie Louw was awarded best technical operator, Kathy Januarie was awarded best social development officer and Niklaas Pieters won best tractor driver.

The Cape Winelands District Municipality chose Soet Sit Bewaarskool as the best crèche in the Witzenberg region.

In 2014 Bronaar built its sophisticated French/Belgian endive (witlof) facility – the first of its kind in South Africa – and to our knowledge, still the only one.

April 12

2010 – 2012

At 2010’s Farm Worker of the Year competition, Maria Pretorius won the junior manager division and Willem Januarie the middle manager division.

In 2011, Eddie Louw was the winner in the tractor division of the Farm Worker of the Year regional competition. He was the overall Western Cape winner of the Hortgro competition.

Barend Joseph was also recognised as the best tractor driver in the Western Cape at the 2012 provincial Farm Worker of the Year Competition.

Bronaar started building additional housing for young adults still living with their parents.

Bronaar got involved with helping the Sterkspruit Senior Secondary School, buying new school desks and funding refurbishments and maintenance work.

April 12

2008 – 2009

In 2008, Bronaar appointed Mpho Makathane as a community worker. Her role is to be a counsellor for health-related challenges, especially HIV/Aids and TB, and assist the clinic sister with translations.

Hendrien van der Merwe, Bronaar’s financial director, was chosen as a finalist of the RBAA (Regional Business Achievers Awards) in the corporate category of the BWA (Business Women’s Association) of the Western Cape and Bronaar was also awarded “Company of the Year”.

In 2008, Bamco cold storages were constructed at Op-die-Berg in partnership with Bronaar, Arbolane Estate, Môrester Estate, Donkerbos Estate and Colors Fruit SA.

Bronaar registered its afterschool facility with the Department of Social Development as an NPO.

April 12

2006 – 2007

At the 2006 Farm Worker of the Year competition in the Western Cape, Jaffie Galant won the best senior manager division.

The Bron-Vallei Woman’s Club was registered as an NPO (non-profit organisation) and received funding to further community development. Later that year, Bronaar built a training facility and received two computers from the Agriseta to provide ABET (literacy training) to 20 workers. All permanent workers got bank accounts and their wages got paid into their accounts.

In 2007, the Bronaar Trust sold a third of the core business, including land to the Themba Trust, which represented 143 permanent employees. They elected eight trustees, with Jaffie Galant as chairman. Jaffie Galant was also elected as a Bronaar director in 2007. The Bronaar Foundation, which aims to help previously disadvantaged people to further their studies, as well as support sport and cultural activities, was established. The foundation is managed independently from Bronaar through trustees.

April 12

2000 – 2005

In 2002, Bronaar received Eurepgap (now known as GlobalG.A.P.) accreditation. Two years later, Bronaar adopted a new slogan: Natural freshness since 1743.

In 2005, Bronaar started an intensive training programme called “World class” and the first team (Madeliefies) became 100% fit. The main objectives of this programme are to develop people and create a culture of excellence. In the same year, the first issue of the Kenmekaar quarterly newspaper was distributed. It features Bronaar-related news and happenings, e.g. new employees, special events, photos, harvest information and achievements.

Also in 2005, at the Farm Worker of the Year competition in the Western Cape region, Kathy Januarie won the best junior manager division and Aletta Fredericks the best general worker division. In that eventful year, Bronaar developed and registered its new Qualifresh logo. The name was chosen because it vividly describes the farm’s products – high quality fresh produce.

April 12


In 1991, a crèche with trained personnel opened on the farm, caring for 30 children daily. The next year a worker committee was elected to represent the workers in negotiations with management.

In 1993, four of Bronaar’s previously disadvantaged managers bought their own houses in the local town. The following year, a clinic with a qualified nurse was established at Bronaar.

In 1997, Bronaar received the NPI (National Productivity Institute) trophy for best apple producer, and the farm Kleinfontein for best pear producer. In the same year, JH van der Merwe bought the farm Oumuur (previously known as Manor Farm) from the Teek family.

April 12


In 1982, Hauptfleisch van der Merwe was the initiator of the first high school that was built in the Koue Bokkeveld. The Skurweberg Secondary School began with 300 learners and currently has more than 1 500 learners and a hostel.

In 1985 the first community developer was appointed together with 12 other farms, chaired by Hauptfleisch van der Merwe. In 1986, Bronaar entered its rugby, soccer and netball teams into the local league – sport is an important part of our community’s recreation and leisure.

April 12


In 1965 Bronaar began to operate as an independent organisation, originating from the well-known farm Boplaas, which has been in the Van der Merwe family since 1743.