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2000 – 2005

In 2002, Bronaar received Eurepgap (now known as GlobalG.A.P.) accreditation. Two years later, Bronaar adopted a new slogan: Natural freshness since 1743.

In 2005, Bronaar started an intensive training programme called “World class” and the first team (Madeliefies) became 100% fit. The main objectives of this programme are to develop people and create a culture of excellence. In the same year, the first issue of the Kenmekaar quarterly newspaper was distributed. It features Bronaar-related news and happenings, e.g. new employees, special events, photos, harvest information and achievements.

Also in 2005, at the Farm Worker of the Year competition in the Western Cape region, Kathy Januarie won the best junior manager division and Aletta Fredericks the best general worker division. In that eventful year, Bronaar developed and registered its new Qualifresh logo. The name was chosen because it vividly describes the farm’s products – high quality fresh produce.

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