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2006 – 2007

At the 2006 Farm Worker of the Year competition in the Western Cape, Jaffie Galant won the best senior manager division.

The Bron-Vallei Woman’s Club was registered as an NPO (non-profit organisation) and received funding to further community development. Later that year, Bronaar built a training facility and received two computers from the Agriseta to provide ABET (literacy training) to 20 workers. All permanent workers got bank accounts and their wages got paid into their accounts.

In 2007, the Bronaar Trust sold a third of the core business, including land to the Themba Trust, which represented 143 permanent employees. They elected eight trustees, with Jaffie Galant as chairman. Jaffie Galant was also elected as a Bronaar director in 2007. The Bronaar Foundation, which aims to help previously disadvantaged people to further their studies, as well as support sport and cultural activities, was established. The foundation is managed independently from Bronaar through trustees.

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