Confidence in our products

Our customers can be assured that the international standards we adhere to are a guarantee that we are a trustworthy source with a commitment to high quality produce and ethical trading at our core. We comply with all the regulatory requirements to export fresh produce to our global customer base.

GlobalG.A.P. accreditation is a recognised endorsement in the worldwide drive towards best practices in our industry, setting voluntary standards for the certification of agricultural products at international level. The aim is to establish a single standard for Good Agricultural Practice (G.A.P.) with different product applications relevant to all agriculture industries around the globe.
Registration number: CMi 027/290/1/V402


Being a member of the Sustainability Institute of South Africa is to be committed to sound ethical practices on our farms and in our pack houses. It aims to promote ongoing improvement of labour conditions and to implement a standard of continuous improvement along the supply chain.

SIZA is aligned with local and international standards and aims to give retailers and other stakeholders, confidence in the South African supply base. Bronaar has completed a SIZA audit with honours.

Bronaar has successfully completed Tesco Nature’s Choice and Field to Fork audits. These credentials allow Bronaar to export fruit to Tesco and Marks & Spencer supermarkets respectively. These two multinational grocery retailers together with Morrisons supermarket form the core of our company’s exports to the United Kingdom.

Registration number: 27/NE10/23380/07

BRC site code: 2264015