Fresh produce


Harvested to satisfy, delivered with service integrity

Bronaar is ideally located in a mountainous region on the 32nd meridian – producing exceptionally delicious fruit and vegetables unique to our climate. With very cold winters and warm summers contributing to the fertility of the soil, the low cold units during our winters are paramount to the development of fruit for the next season.

With clean, pure mountain air and water to nurture our crops, we produce premium fresh produce for the export market.


At Bronaar you can be assured of a year-round supply of fresh produce. We continuously look to international requirements and trends in cultivars to satisfy our customers’ demands. The safety of our consumers is a priority and genetic modification is not an option at our company.

Our modern and efficiently controlled atmosphere cold storage facilities at Bamco Coldstorage, consist of 48 CA storage chambers where 40 000 bins of fruit can be stored. These fully controlled warehouses ensure the fresh-from-the-farm quality our customers expect 12 months of the year. Bronaar is a shareholder at Banco Coldstorage together with two other entities.

Apples are packed at Bamco Packing that make use of the newest and best presort technology for packing of fruit, Bronaar are also a shareholder of this facility together with two other entities. All pears are packed at Bella Frutta Packhouse in Ceres. All fruit are marketed by Corefruit.

Getting our produce to the consumer as crisp and juicy as it should be is a matter of specialised logistics spanning air, land or sea using refrigerated trucks to keep everything in prime condition.

What’s in season?

See our availability calendar for the best time to get your favourite variety of Bronaar produce.