Our strength, our pride –

our people

Our company’s success is greatly influenced by our employees – permanent and seasonal. They are Bronaar’s backbone and it is our goal to help them be the strong foundation that their communities depend on.

We have a non-discriminative, equal employment approach and we focus on giving our workers the best opportunities to keep growing throughout their careers. Training and ongoing employee development help our people play dynamic roles in the smooth operation of our company.

Approximately 95% of Bronaar’s large workforce is housed on the farm and we promote a comfortable lifestyle. An established worker committee holds regular meetings with the company’s management, discussing their needs and concerns and exchanging ideas. The health and safety committee deals with issues surrounding health and safety in and outside the workplace.

Bronaar is a member of SIZA (Sustainability Initiative of South Africa), which supports ongoing improvement of labour conditions on fruit farms and in pack houses.

Living on the farm

Giving our employees access to healthcare, childcare and recreational activities is an important aspect of ensuring that their needs are seen to and in strengthening the farm community’s bonds.

Our facilities make their lives easier and we hope to fulfil our role as a responsible employer by providing them with working conditions and services that are conducive to their family’s wellbeing.

Employee wellbeing and care

The wellbeing of our diligent employees is taken care of by a qualified nurse, who visits our clinic three times a week. All our employees can receive proper medical attention, care and counselling when they are in need. Challenging health issues such as HIV/Aids and TB are dealt with compassionately and with the proper medical and personal attention. Bronaar appointed two dedicated health and community workers to help the clinic sister with translations, specifically for our Xhosa and Sotho workers.

We make sure that our employees’ children are looked after with the proper care at Bronaar’s registered farm crèche. Varying between the ages of 6 months and 5 years, about 30 children receive nutritional meals, care and are engaged in stimulating and educational activities while their parents are at work.

Employees’ children who are of school-going age are accommodated at Bronaar’s newly built aftercare facility – a registered NPO – where they receive balanced meals and help with their homework. Branched, a youth development group, works with our children once a week to focus on character building and developing principals and core values. Learners have access to the internet with the computers we provide for their use.

Bronaar’s community hall is a multipurpose community centre on the farm that is used for training. Here our farm community comes together to hold meetings. It is also used as a venue when we host events and functions.

Recreation and sport facilities

Bronaar’s soccer/rugby field (with lights for night games) and our netball court give our employees the opportunity to practise sports and engage in matches to boost their team spirit and give them an enjoyable physical leisure activity that provides entertainment for themselves and the keen sports fans among us.

Helping communities in different sectors gain a better understanding and appreciation of our local agri-businesses, we developed the Bronaar Ambassadors Project. This provides an engaging and interesting way for the public to learn about our company and others like it.

Visitors from the community get a chance to see our farm in action and the “tour” is delivered by Bronaar employees who have obtained the relevant certificate. The project promotes a good relationship between our company and the people who live in the surrounding areas, while giving our employees the opportunity to have an extended role as an ambassador for our business as well as our industry.