Social responsibility –

beyond our garden gates

Social responsibility at Bronaar goes far beyond investing in the wellbeing and interests of our own employees and their families. Our community involvement aims to address many of the challenges we face as a corporate citizen in a developing country – we want to leave a legacy as a business that is caring and socially responsible. Bronaar’s directors embrace the opportunities they have for giving back to the community – feeling blessed on so many levels themselves.


Bronaar has a policy of spending 0,5% of the company’s turnover each year towards helping charitable organisations, schools and deserving causes by way of donations. Contributions are also made to various awareness campaigns and social development programmes presented to underprivileged people in the surrounding area.

Our company established the Bronaar Foundation to give financial assistance to students who cannot afford to pay for their studies and we are proud to have supported so many students throughout their journeys to success.

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Goodwill initiatives

As many of Bronaar’s seasonal workers come from the Sterkspruit vicinity to help during harvest time, we felt the need to support this community. Bronaar representatives visited Sterkspruit Secondary School and certain needs were identified.
Bronaar funded 250 new school desks and got involved with renovating the school buildings. Bronaar and three other parties spent R350 000 on this initiative. During a special handover ceremony, Bronaar donated a school flag, and for the first time Sterkspruit’s learners could hoist their school’s flag together with our national flag. The principal thanked all the benefactors and pledged their commitment to continuously improve the school’s performance. Bronaar also agreed on furthering our goals in providing students with opportunities for further agricultural studies.

In 1994 a few compassionate Bronaar employees founded the Bron-Vallei Women’s Club with the goal of developing the skills of the women on the farm and to reach out to the elderly and needy children in the broader community.

Bronaar is the main sponsor of a local rugby team. We believe sport promotes not only healthy bodies and minds, but also encourages wholesome competition among communities and is a great way to motivate teamwork and unity.