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The grower of Witlof announces the availability of its red counterpart

The Op Die Berg in the Koue Bokkeveld area of Ceres is a known apple, pear and onion growing region. In the last two years and following a R7...

WITLOF – a new entrant to SA’s leafy vegetables market

Witlof, also known as Belgian endive, is a notoriously difficult vegetable to grow, but Koue Bokkeveld grower Fanie van der Merwe has mastered the art, producing 1t of witlof a week....

Root to leaf dining

In the Koue Bokkeveld region lies Bronaar, an agricultural business with a two-century-long farming heritage. There you’ll find apples, pears, onions, potatoes… and witlof. CLICK TO DOWNLOAD FULL ARTICLE:

Witlof grower imports roots to better service local market demand

With its two-stage growing process, Witlof, also known as Belgian Endive, has a production cost higher than many other leafy vegetables. One of the factors contributing to the higher...

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